Simple Pleasures

Life is very hectic right now. I frequently feel that I’m at my limit. Outside this, there are moments of sheer delight. Sitting at the kitchen table last night, doing some reading for work. Baby sitting beside me with a newspaper, “write, write, write” and rearranging pens in rows and rows. Lying in bed half … Read more

My daughter’s first literary joke

In the bath tonight, nursing, baby was in a bit of a playful mood. She took one finger and pointed right up at the roof, holding it there. “Are you pointing like the baby in the book?” I asked. She has a baby colour book and the baby in the white overalls points randomly up … Read more

Something funny with wordpress

Hey everyone, something strange is up with WordPress today. I went to my main page and my eye noticed a strange number on the top right of the screen: 539. As in, 539 followers.Now, that can’t be. As of yesterday, I had 21 followers. However, it is an interesting mystery! I will keep you posted. … Read more

Money and Babies

Two separate thoughts. Husband and I watched one of Dave Ramsey’s finance videos tonight, and we’re totally on board with actually getting on top of our finances. It is a great feeling to be tackling our money and future again, improving on what we’re doing now. It’s also wonderful and fortunate to have a partner … Read more

New things about baby

Amazed at the speed of change! She’s stringing words together now. “Mama dada baby OUT!” “Ya mama no dada A’ya” “Mo yayo weee (more yellow slide)” We’re doing a better job of figuring out what she means, too. She’s very strategic with her use of yes and no! Bedtime has been really variable and generally … Read more

Little Things

This morning, baby really wanted to nurse and really didn’t want to wear a diaper. Result: much sitting around, two big floor puddles, and late departure for work. I had a meeting that went long today and I found I was a bit late for yoga class. I almost didn’t go. I was sorely tempted. … Read more

I believe in hockey sticks

Second day of spring! So exciting! Woke up to snow! The weather here is not what it was when I grew up. We used to have long, cold, snowy winters and long, hot summers. Lately, the seasons bleed into each other and it’s not predictable day to day what the weather will be. Someone asked … Read more

Peace in the Here and Now

Baby’s favourite words right now are the names of the people she loves. Especially during quiet moments – lying in bed, nursing – she’ll start listing off the members of her family: “Ai’ya. Mama. Dada.” Repeat, repeat, repeat. She’ll often point to where we sleep in the bed, mama on one side, dada on the … Read more

My private thoughts

And fantasies, too. Baby is nursing to sleep in the middle of the day. I’m sitting in bed, holding her. My brain goes: “Good, she’s going to sleep. Probably be out for almost 2 hours. I might blog, get that done. Or maybe I’ll get around to working on the course – lots of prep … Read more

Life’s Roller Coaster

Up, down. Back, forth. Be, do. As I mentioned to a friend today, I feel like I flip-flop between opposites each day I post. Am I learning anything? Am I making some progress? It’s hard to tell from here. I want to take time to reflect on this, and I also don’t want to stew … Read more