Heading out into the world

Today was the first time I went somewhere (aside from a walk) since we started self-isolation a week ago. And boy, was it a big outing! There were some things I needed to do, and I was able to bundle them into one trip. It was not comfortable being out and going places. I’m glad to be home, and grateful for those people who are out and working.

First stop was the post office. We have some food parcels and a cheque coming, so this stop is important. Our entire town gets mail through the downtown office. They have had big signs up for days about their Covid procedures, which was reassuring. I walked confidently up to the door with my alcohol spray bottle and wipe. Sprayed the handle down, wiped it, and entered. I was able to stay away from the other woman checking her post box, and collected the one letter we had (thanks sister/cousin!).

Next stop was for gas, as we were almost out. The Co-Op station had been closed last time I went, but fortunately was open and almost empty. I used the spray bottle and cloth here as well on the touch screen, keypad and pump … which was really a mess, and I wasn’t able to spray or swab it off properly. Back in the car, I cleaned off my card and sanitized my hands. And the steering wheel, and my phone again, and threw the cloth onto the floor for washing.

Stop #3 was a grocery pick-up at the local natural grocery store. They were amazing and met all customers with a smile, hand sanitizer, and clarity over where to go in the store. They pushed my order out for me on a cart, and I then slipped back in for a few more fresh vegetables–we are trying hard to limit our trips, and so getting more made sense in my head. Last night, Spouse hooked up another small refrigerator we have on hand for the guest house we’re fixing up, so we had space for it all. Purchase, sanitize, head back to the car.

My friend came by then to pick up her portion of a dry-goods order we had made together a few weeks ago. So good to see her, and strange, to talk from a long distance away about really hard things.

I finished my day out with a walk in a beautiful park. I haven’t been getting out to exercise as much and don’t like meeting people on trails. The park was nearly empty, and I was able to enjoy peaceful trails, the river, a talk with my sister and a writing podcast.

Though I was super careful when out, and cleaned things multiple times, I felt I had to wash again when I was home. I showered, laundered all the clothes I’d been wearing, and finally felt the calm relief of being home. Husband was amazing about cleaning off and putting away most of our big food order. It was strange to be out, good to be home.

Finally: thank you so much to those keeping places open. Post offices, grocery stores, gas stations, are so essential right now.

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