End of the Line = New Plan

After more research and ongoing limits to my milk supply, I’ve realized that it is not going to increase. I’ve been learning about hypoplastic tubular breast syndrome (http://www.007b.com/breast_size_breastfeeding.php) and reading more about women who are not able to increase their supply no matter what (following this discussion thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/110168/does-anyone-else-have-insuffient-glandular-tissue/100). After my visit to the breastfeeding … Read more

More Names

Supergirl: when she raises her arms above her head. Also, since her neck is stronger, when M holds her she looks like she’s flying! Stevie: Because she loves to bob her head around and look at everything. Stretchy Monster: When waking or after eating, she’s the queen (and monster) of stretch! Her back arches, her … Read more


So many aspects of being a parent feel like I’ve experienced them before. When Alya first started nursing, in spite of the challenges and frustration, I had a deep sense that I had nursed before – not just the day before, but years before or in another life. Similarly, holding her, sleeping with her, caring … Read more

Breastfeeding Update

It changes day to day. When things go badly I need to remember that the next day will probably go differently. She has started to feed more contentedly at the breast, now going some feedings without requesting or requiring supplementation after. Other times, she’s so eager for food she won’t hold her latch so we … Read more

New things about Alya

She is becoming a big girl!! In the past few days she has started to talk with us more, making longer series of sounds. Her smiles have increased, and her amount of awake time. When awake she is aware and content, looking around, smiling, sucking her fist or waving her arms or just observing. She … Read more

Best Moment

Sometimes, she latches well for nursing and nurses long. As she winds down her eyes close and there are more pauses between rounds of sucking. And at the very end she suddenly picks up her vigour, sucking intensely and circling her head around, still hanging on tightly. Then in a final gesture she pops her … Read more

Giving up – or not

Alya is almost 2 months old, and my milk supply has still not picked up. We’ve been supplementing since around 3 weeks, and the amount we give her has increased steadily. Though I know the risks of supplementing for decreasing milk supply, her health dictated supplementation after her weight started to decline and I continued … Read more

Other Posts

Life with baby has been busy. Nursing has been incredibly time consuming, and we basically hold her all the time when she’s not nursing (with some time in a chair etc.) so opportunities to type are limited. I haven’t written much more about feeding her, partly because of this, but also because it has been … Read more


Some of the names we use for our sweet girl: Munchkin, Munchy, Munchybadoodle, Pumpkin, Muffin, Pumpkin Muffin, Muffy, Muff-Muff, Stretch, Rumble-bum, Little Girl. Precede any of these with “little” or “sweet” for other variations. She is growing so much! She’s suddenly outgrown so many of her clothes and is getting pudgy and dimply all over. … Read more