So Proud

I’m so proud of my little sister! She just had her beautiful baby on Sunday. And I’m so glad for my brother in law, who was such a great support for her. I’ve been thinking a lot about childbirth over the last 8 months, but having someone so close to me give birth changes my … Read more

Elimination Communication

As we plan out our diapering strategy for baby, I’ve been very taken with the concept of what some call early or infant toilet training, and others refer to as elimination communication. The idea, as described in The Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross-Loh, is that babies are born with elimination reflexes comparable to feeding … Read more

Baby at night

Baby is so great! He’s the adorablest. I had another dream about baby – may have been partly a waking dream – where his foot started poking out the top of my stomach, then it was TOTALLY poking out, and I could see it clearly and it was rolling back and forth across the top … Read more

Last day

I can’t believe I can write this: this was my last day at work. For the forseeable future. For at least one year. How did that happen?! And what will life be like without work? I suppose I’ve had breaks from work before, but this one feels substantially different, new life phase different. All the … Read more

Dreaming of baby

Last night my belly was kind of hurting – I think I’ve started to have Braxton-Hicks contractions, with my abdomen occasionally insanely heavy, out of breath, tight and sore. So maybe it was that, or worry, or just baby talking to me, but I went back to sleep to a dream of baby. In my … Read more

11 Days

I can’t believe I have only 11 more days of work left. !! I can feel my pace picking up, as it usually does as I approach a deadline. It’s a quirk of mine that I like to have things finished, neat and tidy before going out to have fun or move on to something … Read more

14 Days

I can’t believe that there are only 14 days of work left before I go on mat leave!! For a while there it was still months in the future. Then magically time moved on, I planned some vacation days, I ended up scheduling the leave to start a week earlier than planned … wow, I … Read more