Designing Spaces

Last night husband and I started to put our future-home ideas down on paper. FUN! And surprisingly challenging! I can describe in words how I want my ideal home to look, but when I sit down with paper and try to sketch it things get weird quickly. The one plan I started had a long … Read more

Celebration of Elimination

The last few days have been particularly full. Of excrement. And related body fluids. Baby is not into diapers and often resistant to going to the potty of late. So we let her scamper across the bed and then have to change the sheets or duvet. Or wipe off the top of the table (mom, … Read more

Space Needs

Husband and I watched a short PBS video today about tiny homes (under 400 sq. ft.). We are inspired! Probably the most exciting thing for me is imagining how we could properly downsize and avoid accumulating more and more clutter if we had less and better organized space. Weekday mornings are a bit crazy around … Read more


Well. Another day, another post. Only 264 to go after today. That’s still a pretty big number. I had planned the afternoon off to write. However, I’ve been feeling behind on some of my case work and wanted to get out some replies by the weekend. I decided to work through the afternoon – and … Read more


100 days of blogging. 100 days (so far) of peace. How’s it going? I can’t believe what a strong habit this has become, and with minimal effort. Once I started, blogging had its own momentum. I simply know that I will blog once a day, and I do it. My husband helps remind me and … Read more

Pretty peaceful day

Today was a day off/writing day. Delightful! Take-off in the morning took longer than usual, but we got off happy and calm. Delivered baby to mom: no problem. Work on the paper went well! I cut it down to about 7500 words, including the reference list – I think that’s excluded from the word count, … Read more

Choosing peace

I was going to blog tonight something about choosing peace in our lives. Just half an hour ago I was thinking through the post. However, it’s 9:35, I”m sitting down to write, and I have NO RECOLLECTION of what I was going to say. That’s right: complete writer’s amnesia. It might have been: more about … Read more

Great event

We went to the Urban Harvest harvesty fall-like celebration thing today – on an organic farm outside town. It’s the type of place and event that we want more of in our lives. Beautiful site. Organic orchards. Gardens too. Great old house with lots of out buildings, arbors, neat structures. The walkways flow well and … Read more

On Top or Not

Getting and having things done is very soothing to me. Learning to let go of things not done is very healthy for me. And figuring out which to focus on is the challenge. Things I’m on top of (let’s add “usually”): Laundry (aside from a pile-up of dry clothes a few days ago) Dishes and … Read more

Writing Insights

Last week I had a meeting with a tenured faculty member in education to get some feedback on a paper I’ve been working on for 5 years. I last touched it the day before baby was born, aside from a few touch-ups in the days before the meeting. She is a wonderful encouraging mentor for … Read more