I watched a fun video today, courtesy of my mom, about a man who built an adorable house in 3 months for only a few thousand dollars. One of the comments on the video was that if we could only support land ownership (something like that), we could house so many more people. This idea … Read more

Don’t read this book. Or this one.

I just finished looking through On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and others, and Health Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Weissbluth. I am now feeling disturbed, angry and deeply sad. Babywise is a “parent-directed” program for raising children. It purports to be Christian, though it has no basis in Christian scriptures. Its goal is that parents direct … Read more

Choosing peace

I was going to blog tonight something about choosing peace in our lives. Just half an hour ago I was thinking through the post. However, it’s 9:35, I”m sitting down to write, and I have NO RECOLLECTION of what I was going to say. That’s right: complete writer’s amnesia. It might have been: more about … Read more

Actions for Peace – or not

Two mini experiments in peace seeking today. 1. Last night, I went to bed with baby at 8 & slept 3 hours, nursing her a bit after 11. I got up then to blog and play on the computer. And for no good reason, I checked my work email, and read an email that left … Read more

Baha’i blowout!

“Blowout” was a favourite expression of a friend in grad school. He used it to describe anything that was more abundant than usual. So, in my quiet life, today was a bit of a Baha’i blowout. First incident: Reading an article in The Chronicle of Higher Ed. Actually, an advice column about dealing with interview … Read more

One wish

Imagine that you are given one wish for the planet. The big kahuna – world peace – is off the table. Instead, you have to choose one of the lesser issues to address: hunger, global warming, slavery, for example. If I had my wish, I would abolish sleep training from the planet. Why this, out … Read more


Tonight I kind of felt like writing about appearance. Specifically, how I wish I could be okay with the way I look, dress, etc., instead of being disappointed on a regular basis for not taking care of my appearance. On the other hand, I could write about things that are a lot more important. Global … Read more

Big & Little Peace

Tonight we went to an interfaith prayer gathering. They’ve been having this one for a number of years on September 11. Its focus is more broad than just the events of 9/11; the participants spoke about peace, global injustices, unity, our responsibilities as global citizens. I spoke as a member of the Baha’i community, reading … Read more

Blogging by proxy

Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day. Baby was up a lot the night before with a fever and fussing. I wasn’t sure how she would do during the day but I had a presentation and meeting so I brought her to mom’s and checked up on her throughout the day. By 1:00 she … Read more