Taking the Faith Challenge

Earlier this week I had a miscarriage. Yesterday I was fired. It hardly seems worth adding that they found 2 cavities at my dentist appointment. It is a lot in a short time, and I’m a bit amazed that I’m still standing. But I am, and smiling, and kind of excited about the future. I … Read more


Post dictated by my daughter\- Notty tickty mittmee kit mip me. Yeth. Heyyo. And “I love you” and “my mup moo” and “si sup soo” and “dai dup doo” and “Nai nup noo” and “sai sup.” Eee. For A. E for A. E for A. E for A. E for A. E for A. E … Read more

On closing the circle

Pleasantly, I received a fair bit of positive feedback for my “intervention” the other day. I was thanked and congratulated, and actually got an email from the presenter reiterating her appreciation for my intervention and “solidarity.” I also saw the villain in this scenario again, on the second day of the conference. He seemed to … Read more

It’s official: I am a weirdo

Have you ever done something big and dramatic and embarrassing and public? And laughed at yourself? And realized with a soft smile of acceptance that it’s a pretty good commentary on your true self, while still shaking your head at your weirdness? Today I was in a workshop at a teaching and learning conference. The … Read more