Life’s Roller Coaster

Up, down. Back, forth. Be, do. As I mentioned to a friend today, I feel like I flip-flop between opposites each day I post. Am I learning anything? Am I making some progress? It’s hard to tell from here. I want to take time to reflect on this, and I also don’t want to stew in my introspection for too long. And I don’t really have the long to stew in, anyways – life flies by. So I’ll just keep blogging and hope that acknowledging the struggle will bring the reward.
Today was a pretty good day. Work was full of work and stuff got done. Visited with sister and family after work. Had the joys of dealing with simultaneous massive baby poops, which were followed by a cousin bath.

Baby fell asleep on the way home, and I hoped/planned/expected that the night would go as the previous two did: put her right to bed, and have an evening of productivity.

Instead: she woke up. I nursed, bottled, played, and she fell asleep after maybe an hour. Delightful, fun, sweet time with my girl. And because I was tired and she was adorable, I opted to stay curled up in bed with her, just for a little while.

When I finally woke up and nursed her again, I thought it might be maybe, at the latest, 9 p.m. Um … 10:57. I slept the evening away while my husband prepared for work tomorrow, washed up all the dishes, emptied our bags, washed the poopy diaper and did laundry, and made dinner. Wow … what a man!! And, he tells me he’s glad I got some rest :).

I’m determined to capitalize on the unexpected early bedtime. I’ve showered, eaten, now blogged, and may read a wee but, but will be back in bed shortly.

And now it’s after midnight and I am once again posting on the next day. Welcome to the unpredictable life of this working mom.

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