New things about baby

Amazed at the speed of change!
She’s stringing words together now. “Mama dada baby OUT!” “Ya mama no dada A’ya” “Mo yayo weee (more yellow slide)” We’re doing a better job of figuring out what she means, too. She’s very strategic with her use of yes and no!

Bedtime has been really variable and generally late. I am struggling a bit with it – finding it stressful and exhausting. I am thinking about setting an intention to have her sleeping earlier. Not sure what that means. Does not mean crying! Possibly enhancing day-time exercise and revisiting nighttime routines.

Her perky toddler personality is really coming out too! She frequently enjoys yelling just because. She LOVES running away from you if you want her to come close. She’ll race from one end of the house to the other. She’s playing peek-a-boo – hiding behind curtains and bathroom shower curtains and in corners. She loooves to tease, giving us something and then yanking it away with a firm “A’ya” (i.e., it’s for me, not you!). Or, if we ask for a kiss, saying ya, then, with a grin, “no!”

She also has remarkably clear ideas about what she wants. This book here, not there. NO MAMA don’t wear that scarf! I will NOT put on shirts that go over my head! Diaper change? I don’t think so! I am doing lots more deep breathing as I attempt to enjoy these independent moves.

And right now, she’s sleeping. Still so soft, warm and sweet when asleep, her body growing longer and stronger and still our baby.

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