No More New Things

No, I haven’t given up shopping though I think the amount I’ll be doing in the next while will decrease exponentially. However, after a number of purchase challenges lately, I’m of the opinion that in general, used is a better choice than new. I am finding that when I splurge for new (and/or expensive), the … Read more

I believe in hockey sticks

Second day of spring! So exciting! Woke up to snow! The weather here is not what it was when I grew up. We used to have long, cold, snowy winters and long, hot summers. Lately, the seasons bleed into each other and it’s not predictable day to day what the weather will be. Someone asked … Read more


As we proceed with decluttering and downsizing, I’m reflecting on a few ideas from other blogs. The benefits of having a little bit extra is one idea discussed here. Some minimalists would have you eliminate all the fluff: one towel per person, one pair of sheets per bed, only the smallest of wardrobes, and throw … Read more

Into Order

Our attempts to create more order in our home are moving ahead. We’re tackling different corners of our home together, purging as much as we can, and organizing what’s left. A few nights ago we tackled the tea/food storage shelves in the kitchen. Gone: two teapots, two tea balls, some tea, lots of vitamins, one … Read more

Say no to clutter

Getting rid of things in the house has been going well. The trick to keeping it that way is to stop other things from coming in. That was today’s test. As I get rid of things I see items we own that are old, worn-out, ugly. Though I don’t feel that I want a lot … Read more

Don’t Cheap Out

This phrase has been running through my head a lot lately. As we’ve been purging and upgrading many of our possessions, and as I take a hard look at what I’ve been wearing, I keep coming round to a simple idea I’ve known for a while: it is worth it to buy quality from the … Read more

Goals and Reality

First day of vacation. I ended the day stressed, lonely, sad and burned out. Time to reassess. Though vacation is supposed to be joyful and fun, if you’ve been working hard it’s also the first chance to come down off of the adrenalin cycle and get back in touch with your real life. My real … Read more

3 Things

1. Today, walking baby (2 hours of walking but not a hint of a nap!) I literally felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I remembered that I have paid off my student loans and have no personal debt. I feel so much more free. A world of possibilities feels like it’s opened up. … Read more

Financial Peace

Today marks a major milestone: I just paid off my student loans. In full. All of them. Done!!! I’ve been tackling them fairly steadily since I finished grad school 7 years ago. I had about $25K to pay back. Funny how the amount creeps up bit by bit as the years pass (note: that’s the … Read more