Spring Fling writing

Thank you to Kaitlyn and Ciara for creating this super fun writing contest. This story came as I lay in bed at night, hoping in vain to go back to sleep.


Winter had been snowy, cold, dark and long.
Every day I asked Mom,
“When will spring be here?”

Every day she told me,
“You’ll know it’s spring when our friends return.”

I waited and watched and listened, day after day.

First came Robin, singing on my front lawn,
with dark-eyed Junco scratching up our garden beds.

I stretched my itchy arms towards the window and smiled.
The earth was coming back to life.

Next, I saw Squirrel hopping across the street
and scampering up and down trees.

My legs jiggled and jittered.
The weather was warming up, ready for outdoor action.

And finally, one warm evening,
standing on the back porch,
breathing in the sunset,
I heard:

Greep, greep, greep.
Low and loud and strong,
the first Frog of spring sang its song.

I was awake, alive and active
and spring was here.

Adorable tree frog. https://wifflegif.com/gifs/581795-whites-tree-frog-amphibian-gif

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