not crazy

I’ve got a blog to write, but our internet connection is not cooperating. I wanted to write and post at work just to make sure I got it done today, but, well, work isn’t working that way for me right now. I have 3 more days of work before winter break and quite a bit … Read more


Hmm. I’ve been noticing a new trend in my conversations lately and it’s not one I’m proud of. I’ve been complaining. Quite a bit. Blech. I want to be full of positivity, energy and fun, not drag-me-down excuses. Time for some analysis and change. So where are these complaints coming from? They are pretty much … Read more

Organized Peace

NaBloPoMo, I’m trying!! Last night the problem wasn’t wordpress but our internet connection. Each time I tried to load, save or post a page I got an error message. I finally was able to write this post and email it to myself, and am posting it from work. I’ll also write a quick post for … Read more

Organized Peace

Last night was one of those magical nights at our house where time seemed to stand still and endless opportunities for getting things done extended our evening and simultaneously energized us. After a day of errands, housework and time with baby (my head was much better; oh yay!) we put baby to bed and continued … Read more

Oh Lordy

I’ve found myself using this expression of my husband’s lately as I watch our girl make her way in the world. She amazes me more and more as she grows up with every new thing she does, each emerging aspect of her character and personality. She’s walking – around things, a step here and there … Read more

Sick Bonus

Still sick. Head still throbbing. It’s not as bad as yesterday but still definitely there. I bend down slowly and take corners at a snail’s pace. I am grateful, though. Time with my daughter continues to be wonderful, even if I sometimes crave a few minutes to myself. Which was provided by my husband today … Read more

In sickness

I’m sick. I don’t know if it’s a cold or flu or what, but driving home last night my head started to fill. It throbs when I move too quickly, my skin is sensitive to the touch and I’m cold and tired. Blech. Husband has been great, taking care of lots around the house and … Read more


I watched a fun video today, courtesy of my mom, about a man who built an adorable house in 3 months for only a few thousand dollars. One of the comments on the video was that if we could only support land ownership (something like that), we could house so many more people. This idea … Read more

Think Fair (trade)

I just wrote a lovely post about the great fair trade fair that my students organized at the university today, and about how incredible they are – so skilled, hard working, creative, amazing, wonderful. IT’s been a pleasure working with them. Wordpress was messing around and the post is lost. I’m wiped out. I can’t … Read more

Don’t read this book. Or this one.

I just finished looking through On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and others, and Health Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Weissbluth. I am now feeling disturbed, angry and deeply sad. Babywise is a “parent-directed” program for raising children. It purports to be Christian, though it has no basis in Christian scriptures. Its goal is that parents direct … Read more