Little Things

This morning, baby really wanted to nurse and really didn’t want to wear a diaper. Result: much sitting around, two big floor puddles, and late departure for work.
I had a meeting that went long today and I found I was a bit late for yoga class. I almost didn’t go. I was sorely tempted. But then I remembered 1) need to strengthen my bones for a long, healthy life with my daughter, and 2) I’ve paid for a semester pass and I want to get the most from it. I went, I kind of enjoyed myself, I definitely got a work out, and I’m glad I did.

Coming up soon: one week off! Because it’s around my birthday and my week was looking broken up anyways, I’m taking off the week of May 21. Can’t wait!! I feel like baby needs some mama time. I could use a break. I just hope/plan to get a lot done and catch up on things before I leave so I can relax guilt-free. There is so much to do at work. It was brought home to me again today. I don’t know when or how to do it all. Blah.

The course I”m teaching. I can’t wait to be done. Really! I have to mark papers this week. Really?! I think that will have to wait until the weekend. I have found that, yet again, I don’t enjoy it. There are about 16 students in the course, lots more than promised, so there are many, many emails and postings each day. I cannot wait to be finished!!

Had a nice evening. Husband’s brother needed a babysitter, so we brought our dinner over there and hung out with the kids for a couple hours. Baby had an awesome time playing with her big cousins and using the small slide set outside. She could climb up and slide down all by herself – exciting for her, a bit of a relief for her parents! Then kicking the ball, watching and playing with the kids … awesome fun.

Now home, tired, no lunch packed for tomorrow, not doing anything on the course … but going to bed.

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