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I’m currently revising my middle grade book, Finding Brave, about cultivating the bravery that’s inside everyone to accomplish big things. I can’t wait to tell the stories of four of Ria’s new friends as they continue to work together to protect the natural world throughout their beautiful valley. 

Finding Brave Synopsis

Newcomer Ria Byrne wants to hide from everyone, and the wild old growth woods behind her remote Island home give her the peace she craves. However, her sense of safety comes crashing down when she discovers ribbons tied around the ancient trees, and realizes that this patch of magic is about to be logged.

Torn between her fear of talking with people and her fear of losing something so precious, she draws strength from a supportive fairy friend to find her hidden bravery. As she faces her deepest fears, she makes friends and cultivates allies in support of the woods. Through successes and failures, Ria struggles with self-doubt, testing and strengthening her bravery at every challenge. Through it all, she learns that your biggest weakness can become your biggest strength when you care enough.

Nature-lovers and shy children alike will celebrate along with Ria in Finding Brave as her growing bravery enables her to step further out into the world, making friends, building community, and working to save the woods she loves.

These photos show some of my inspiration for the book:

The Series: Team Woods

The children of Edgewoods are more strangers than friends, but that changes when the surrounding woods are threatened by logging. They realize that they have to trust each other and work together if they have any hope of saving the trees that they love. As they start working together, they aren’t sure they’re up for the challenge. At each turn, another kid comes face to face with their hardest personal test. Luckily, they’re not on their own as a ragtag troupe of fairies flies in to help each of them use the virtues inside their heart to build a united team and save their valley from a series of ecological threats.