I just read “When the body says no” by Gabor Mate – highly recommend it. The book illuminates the role that unconscious stress – associated with internalized, unexpressed emotions, generally stemming from unstable or problematic childhoods – manifests as diseases in our body. The book inspired me to look more closely at the legacy of … Read more

Feeding Baby

I’ve just read Feeding your baby the healthiest foods by Louise Lambert-Lagace. I didn’t love it – though I’m sure she does present the latest research, her tone and overall recommendations are pretty traditional (start with grains, breast milk not needed past one year and weaning is good, start with purees, nothing on donated milk, … Read more

Truths about momhood

Alya’s 5 months old. It’s high time I reflect on core truths about being a mom, and my deepest vision of the type of mother I want to be. Here goes. 1. When I am with my child, I am present. 2. I respond to all aspects of her being with love and compassion – … Read more

Fighting it

Trying to put Alya to bed. She is tired. But her body won’t give in. Stretch, wiggle, kick, turn, head rub into me, eye rub, arms flail, back arch, and start all over. This side, that side, on and on. I rock her, sing, rub her back, but she’s not having any of it. Finally … Read more


Oh dear. I want to be a stay-at-home mom. I’ve always had a vision of staying home with kids. And for years I said as a matter of course that I wanted to stay home at least until the kids were all in school. However, these were the words of a naive young woman who … Read more


Adorable things Alya does. When she’s hungry, as she’s reaching for the nipple, she says “Leh” or “Heh-leh” – it’s her “word” for milk, hungry, etc.! The way she comes off the breast sometimes when she’s feeding but not super-hungry, and just stares at me, big dark eyes, no blinking, just staring. And after a … Read more

Purging UPdate

The other elimination. My quest to get our possessions down to a minimum continues. Sometimes the process is sheer joy; other times work; occasionally, a frustrating obsession. I’ve been a bit out of it the last few days, not wanting to socialize or go anywhere as I pawed through boxes and cupboards to find things … Read more

Elimination Update

Alya & I continue our learning adventure around bathroom fun. And fun it sometimes is, until my anxiety gets in the way! We have some days that are winners: 8+ pees caught, sometimes a dry diaper for several hours in a row. Victory! And yesterday we caught not only many pees but her end-of-day poo. … Read more

Truth and Growth

Alexis has a post up about Things that are True. Her list, and my ongoing questions from being a new mom, crystallize around these two topics. What are the truths I want to live my life by, and establish as the foundation of the family in which we raise our beloved daughter? And how do … Read more