Montessori Inspiration

In pursuit of a parenting and educational direction for our girl, I’ve just started reading “The Child in the Family” by Maria Montessori. I am the most engrossed I’ve been in years by a technical non-fiction book. Her ideas feel respectful and wise. Here’s one, regarding how we tend to interpret as misbehaviour childhood actions … Read more

Parental Paradigm Integration

I’m all about the paradigms. I like to have a model, masterplan or general theory to guide pretty much anything I do. So when it comes to parenting, I’ve been both amazed at how untheoretical (i.e., random) I am in my approach, and also eager to apply something that I can believe in (i.e., attachment … Read more

The first, faint breath of autumn

Leaving the house the other morning I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time: a slight coolness in the air. The very first sign of fall. Though the day warmed up to the mid-30s, the morning temperature gave away the approaching change of seasons. I have mixed feelings about fall this year. To … Read more

Second Literary Reference

Driving home tonight from a visit to my brother-in-law and kids who are camping for the weekend. A fun evening with swimming in the lake! Baby’s happy in the back seat, talking about what we’re doing. “Go to town. In town.” Yes, we’re going into town! “Go to town in bed.” That’s right! We’ll go … Read more

Blessed Weekend

The weekend is here! The weekend is here! Oh, I could use a weekend.Life has felt crazy lately. Husband is renovating morning and night. Baby was sick and I was sick. Packing needs to happen, though it isn’t; renovations require my input and shopping skills. And school starts up in a couple of weeks and … Read more

My Baby, Yet again

Real sentences, people! To her cousin: “Mitchoo, come to tabuh and eat” About her clothes: “Look new outfit A’ya!” After pronouncing her hands “dirty” when she’s been digging into her purple crayon, and I ask her “Why are your hands dirty?” “Because  put poopuh on hands A’ya!” About the bees: “Bees make honey for A’ya!” … Read more