Something funny with wordpress

Hey everyone, something strange is up with WordPress today. I went to my main page and my eye noticed a strange number on the top right of the screen: 539. As in, 539 followers.Now, that can’t be. As of yesterday, I had 21 followers.
However, it is an interesting mystery! I will keep you posted. How delightful that would be … though then, of course, I would feel slightly more motivated to put some real effort into writing something worth reading on the blog!

For today, two baby stories from dinner last night. Dinner which was, by the way, some time after 8 p.m. How do parents get their kids to bed early in summer??

I had ridden my bike down to city park yesterday evening to meet up with hubby and baby. Baby had had a great park time, going down the waterslide for the first time! (half-way up, holding dada’s hand the whole way :)) followed by delightful diaper-free time and a spontaneous pee and poop too. Awesome!

Anyhow, on the way home she was quite insistent that I ride the bike. Not walk beside her in the stroller. “Mama, on!” “Mama, on!” and on and on.

Once we were home, she wanted to see her bike helmet. And dada’s bike helmet. And most of dinner was a series of us putting on our helmets at her bidding, buckling them up (she LOVES buckles!), and taking them back off again.

Meanwhile, hubby (who is really very very good as a parent!) enticed her into trying the mashed yams he had made by showing her how he ate them and said “Mmmm!” She loooved this. She started eating the yams, and sure enough, “Mmmm!!!”ing all the rest of the way through dinner. They really were delicious.

And finally. We’re trying a new ritual in our family. For breakfast and dinner, we want to start by holding hands and taking some deep breaths together, letting go of stress and being present and together. We did that last night at dinner. And half-way through, baby reached for dada and mama’s hands, and initiated her own deep breathing. One wasn’t enough: “mo! mo!”

Wow, I love her.


  1. What a lovely mealtime ritual. I guess having a family mealtime at all might be a good start for us!

    • Oh, I hear you! We’re still working on that. And a meal (whether for some or all) at any somewhat consistent hour. We range from 5 – 9 for dinner.

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