Integrating my split personality

I sometimes feel like two different people. One of me is very career and accomplishment oriented. I like challenges, I want to change things, put ideas out there, work with others and make things happen. I love to tackle opportunities that come my way, relish chances to collaboration, and don’t say no (or don’t want … Read more

It all gets done in the end

It’s too late on Sunday night, but I am ready for bed. Today was busy. Up, clean, breakfast … NAP! for 2 hours with baby. Vitally important nap, I must say. Then making food and cleaning, then 2 hours of mad mad work on organizing files and some house work and work on the course … Read more

Classic day in the life of a working mother

I had a big meeting at work today. I was facilitating a process with a group of faculty to help them come to a common understanding around some urgent decisions. I was a bit stressed. It was a challenging decision and a group of intelligent, engaged people. It had the possibility to go very poorly. … Read more

Weekend Update with

Me! Aaah, Sunday night, you came too soon. Nonetheless, it was a good weekend. Family: I felt very close with my family all weekend. Time relaxing, talking and working with my husband. Games and talking with baby, plus diaper-free time (requires a much higher level of attention and interaction). I’m really fortunate to have these … Read more

Getting a Grip on Life

Also known as: something I think I need to do, but can’t seem to manage. Life is good. It’s fine. We’re healthy, we eat, we sleep. Our house is not a complete disaster. I’m getting things done (some of them). But still: I just can’t seem to get on top of everything that needs doing, … Read more

4-day weekends are way too short

I really can’t believe it’s Sunday night. Really!!! How do 4 days speed by so quickly? Things I didn’t do this weekend: writing (aside from blogging); work on the course I’m teaching THAT STARTED LAST WEEK; visit with friends; do a play date for baby; clean the house; get a lot of exercise; meal plan … Read more

All I really want to do

Back from my break, I think and hope. Email access in the hotel in Vancouver was surprisingly weak. Once back, we found that our internet still wasn’t working. Husband spent a long, long time on the phone, with the result that they’re sending out a new router for us. We hope this means we can … Read more

Self-care Sunday

Husband is out with baby. I wanted a bit of time to myself. When asking for time yesterday (which husband was already planning to give me, of course) I thought I’d be productive (i.e., do writing and course prep). But Sunday’s here, and I say no. I’ve done some picking outfits for the week and … Read more

Self-knowledge can be a wonderful thing

This morning with baby I actually tried to apply something I’ve read about, written about and know about: multitasking increases stress and reduces productivity. I was inspired because last night, as I started flitting around the kitchen starting multiple recipes at the same time, Husband suggested we focus on what we’d agreed was most important: … Read more