Money and Babies

Two separate thoughts.
Husband and I watched one of Dave Ramsey’s finance videos tonight, and we’re totally on board with actually getting on top of our finances. It is a great feeling to be tackling our money and future again, improving on what we’re doing now. It’s also wonderful and fortunate to have a partner who is into working together to create our future, and doesn’t run when he hears the word budget. So excited to get working on this!

Watching the video was made possible by baby’s early (6:30) bedtime, which was made possible by her lack of a nap and good fathering. They were out for a walk, he saw she was sleepy, coaxed her onto his chest and she fell asleep as he walked her home. We’ve had 2 wake-ups so far, but no stay-ups, so it’s all good. I’m relieved as this may be a chance to get her onto a more regular sleep schedule.

Today felt like a long, long parenting day. It seemed that every single thing I tried to do was met with crying and/or whining. Throwing an old bandaid into the garbage? Heaven forbid! And forget about diaper changes. My motherly patience, never a strong suit, was worn thin thin thin. Fortunately husband relieved me and I had the chance to breathe. Also fortunately, motherly love really is stronger than motherly frustration. She is SOOO sweet – squatting as she plays with the pods on a flower; stroking my chest as she nurses; running back and forth for hugs and kisses. I continue to love her madly, and only feel more inspired after today to work on my own growth, empathy and compassion to deal more effectively with days like this.

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