Baby Speak

Resisting the idea of a bath last night: “Already all clean!” while swiping a hand across her chest. On passing a yellow car on the road to work this morning: “Mo yayo ‘side mama A’ya” Resisting my offer of avocado or other food: “Date! Mo Date!” Colouring in her colouring book last night: “I do … Read more

Joys of the Blueberry Patch

Saturday morning, baby and I met my parents at 7:50 in the morning to pick blueberries. It’s the third year baby has been to this spot to pick berries. The first year, I was pregnant, getting ready for mat leave, and tired. I was also looking ahead to a winter of smoothies, and couldn’t fathom … Read more

Sophisticated Humour

When I was young I liked to read comics. My favourites were Peanuts – I must have had 50 – 100, and I read them repeatedly. I think the appeal was escaping into a contained, idealized world where the seasons rolled round regularly, there was community, people played together, worked together and did identifiable fun … Read more

New Game

“Fine me, fine me!” baby was asking for a few days before I figured out she wanted to play hide and seek. She runs into one of her favourite corners of the room and stands, back to the wall, a shy, proud, excited smile on her face. I wander the basement, calling her name and … Read more

Parenting genius

The other day my daughter was a bit grumpy because she dropped her straw in the potty and I insisted we had to throw it out (they may be low, but I have standards). Potty took so long that I forgot the warming peanut butter toast in the toaster oven – oops! Too hot, and … Read more

Baby Connect

Wow, what an amazing baby day. Okay, I was near my edge a couple of times when she dumped out her food and it took over an hour to leave the house … but a full day of intense time with her leaves me loving her more and more, and feeling more fully in the … Read more

Passion vs. Attraction

I’ve been thinking about the work I do and the things I fantasize about, and how they do and don’t line up, and whether they should. I don’t think they need to. As evidenced by what I write and read about, I am passionate about: decluttering; personal finance; how amazing my baby is; breastfeeding and … Read more

Room for All

I was thinking today about some of the different blogs I read, and all the great writers out there. I quite love my list of links right now, by the way – all so interesting and perfectly inspiring and engrossing! Thank you for sharing your writing with me. In any case, many of these bloggers … Read more

Approximately 365

I cannot believe that I started this blogging project a year ago. Impossible!! One day I up and decided to write daily for an entire year. Well, here’s a brief overview of the experience. What I learned: I like writing and expressing myself. This was a great way to do that. I can write daily … Read more