Choosing peace

I was going to blog tonight something about choosing peace in our lives. Just half an hour ago I was thinking through the post. However, it’s 9:35, I”m sitting down to write, and I have NO RECOLLECTION of what I was going to say. That’s right: complete writer’s amnesia. It might have been:

  • more about adorable daughter. Who is in love with her new socks, birthday gift from auntie, uncle & cousin, who wouldn’t take a bath because she couldn’t stand to be separated from her socks.
  • about my blech day at work, headachy, tired, miss my girl
  • About wanting to quit my job. Because my girl is growing up and I’m not with her enough.
  • about appreciating my job and the opportunity to contribute
  • about the weather, maybe? slow approach of winter?

Wait, I’ve got it! At least one blog idea today: reading Better Off, about life without technology, and appreciating the central lesson: (can you have two colons in one sentence? No. But i want to finish writing and go to bed. So here we go): reducing technology increases living. It increases our engagement with tasks. It slows us and gives us more time. The repetitive work of life without technology develops a new set of skills, and once developed, frees our minds to think, our mouths to talk wiht friends, promotes shared work, and can be more intrinsically rewarding. TEchnology exacts a price, something we forget too often. However, going without requires guides as there are so many skills which have been forgotten.

Now: to bed. With an angel. A little warm now-sockless, soft angel

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