Big & Little Peace

Tonight we went to an interfaith prayer gathering. They’ve been having this one for a number of years on September 11. Its focus is more broad than just the events of 9/11; the participants spoke about peace, global injustices, unity, our responsibilities as global citizens. I spoke as a member of the Baha’i community, reading a short quote on true religion and a prayer for unity.
It was wonderful being there as a family. Baby thoroughly enjoyed herself, listening to the music, getting to know the people sitting around her, clapping and speaking out when appropriate, such as when the MC referred to her as the hope for tomorrow. She brings such joy wherever she goes – everywhere I turn I see people smiling at her. My husband enjoyed himself and was wonderful, playing with baby and walking around with her when she was more vocal.

After the service we also enjoyed meeting people. We have been thinking a lot about friendship and community and that we need to do a lot more to build good friendships and strong community support. We want this for our daughter to grow up in, for ourselves to be healthy and happy. For whatever reason, this is something that hasn’t been super successful for us lately.

Baby was still awake after, and resisted going to sleep so after feeding her and playing with her I took her for another walk around the block in the Ergo. She was alternately happy and miserable. Happily bouncing her face against my chest, singing “waa waa waa!!!” loudly into the night. Softly falling asleep on my chest. Miserably waking up and fussing and stretching and crying. Once home and after a bit more milk and tears she finally succumbed to sleep. Poor sweetie hasn’t been happy lately – resisting sleep, crying much more than usual.

And boy, I”m tired. No nap this weekend. Full week ahead. I want to write more – I want to write about building community and being a small part of peace and about talking about religion, spirituality and raising our daughter with my husband. But I’m going to bed.

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