Tonight I kind of felt like writing about appearance. Specifically, how I wish I could be okay with the way I look, dress, etc., instead of being disappointed on a regular basis for not taking care of my appearance.
On the other hand, I could write about things that are a lot more important. Global warming. Somalia. Break-down of families. The Congo. Even my baby’s teething, crying, growing, changing. All things that are a lot more important.

Living with two sets of priorities simultaneously is strange, but I think it’s something we all do. We know and care about the really big problems in the world. But somehow, we’re able to let go of them to enjoy or worry about the smaller situations we face on a daily basis. It might be seen as a character flaw. It might also be a universal human reality, brain-based perhaps, that requires us to give the most attention to that which is right in front of us, that allows us to function in a super-busy and chaotic world without being overwhelmed.

As in tonight. I’m exhausted. I care about everything – but right now, all that really matters is getting to bed. Soon.

Good night.

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