Peace and Productivity and Computer Time

Today I had a lovely, relaxed 45 min. to myself. My husband took my daughter for a walk after breakfast and I sat in front of my laptop at my writing desk (how great that I have a writing desk now! Though the area can get cluttered, I love it and all the things I’m using to outfit my space.) While listening to a YouTube lecture (Decline of Empires: The Signs of Decay) I made my way through my craft gift for my daughter’s birthday. I’m clipping pictures of animals and food from magazines and pasting them into old photo album pages to go into a binder. Today I was able to sort the remaining 2 magazines I had, clip and label pictures, and fill the rest of the pages. Ready to wrap for her birthday! I also had a Gchat call from my sister while sitting there.
Wonderful. Productive, peaceful, enriching, relaxing.

Later in the afternoon, while baby was down for a nap, I took advantage of the quiet and my newly clean(er) desk to tackle some of the small business things that needed doing: balance and pay my MC bill, add up receipts for September’s expenses, pay a power bill, check the balances in the accounts, transfer money for the car insurance. All quick but important work, accomplished in a short period. Leaving me with a feeling of peace as opposed to the ongoing dis/ease I feel when tasks remain undone.

And now tonight. Putting baby to bed took over an hour between bath, nursing, play time, walking in the dark, walking around the block, and a final nurse/bottle/pat to sleep. Husband and baby are sleeping; I’m eating, writing, enjoying the time to myself yet again. Looking for the balance between productively getting things done (diapers in the wash; pumpkin into the fridge; on and on with what could be done) and peace (blogging; listening to an interview with a colleague; maybe something else enjoyable before bed?)

Time and the computer allow me to relax, to get done, to obsess, to overdo, to complete, to get ready to move on.


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