Crock Pot Failure

After a long and occasionally stressful day, I returned home, excited to know that at least dinner awaited. Not just dinner: a fully, yummy crock pot of the awesome chana masala I make. And let me tell you, it is good. Rich, brothy, spicy, filling. A truly delightful dish, perfect for the end of a … Read more

Integrating my split personality

I sometimes feel like two different people. One of me is very career and accomplishment oriented. I like challenges, I want to change things, put ideas out there, work with others and make things happen. I love to tackle opportunities that come my way, relish chances to collaboration, and don’t say no (or don’t want … Read more

Getting a Grip on Life

Also known as: something I think I need to do, but can’t seem to manage. Life is good. It’s fine. We’re healthy, we eat, we sleep. Our house is not a complete disaster. I’m getting things done (some of them). But still: I just can’t seem to get on top of everything that needs doing, … Read more

Memory loss

I have no recollection of what I planned to write about tonight. Baby’s bedtime took from 6 something until after 10. She actually went to sleep without a problem at 7, but woke up 15 minutes later. With lots of crying, we got out of bed instead of staying there. Videos on the computer finally … Read more

Magical Evening

Driving up to my mom’s after work, I noticed the snow specks glistening in the near-dark. Baby was happy to see me, reenacting the same welcome she’s done all week: “MAMA! MAMA! as she smiles and races by the gate at the top of the stairs. We nursed and played the chase-me game as I … Read more