Memory loss

I have no recollection of what I planned to write about tonight.
Baby’s bedtime took from 6 something until after 10. She actually went to sleep without a problem at 7, but woke up 15 minutes later. With lots of crying, we got out of bed instead of staying there. Videos on the computer finally transitioned to drinking something, then playing, then dada time. There was lots and lots of nursing, switching sides, and fuss fuss fussing. After her repeated complaints I eventually took my sweater off, which helped (who knows why?! though skin to skin might have been part of it). The break-through finally happened when husband remembered that we should try either the Ergo or stroller. She wasn’t interested but I insisted and she slowed down, nursed and then slept. Aaah …

Though today was a sick day for me, it didn’t provide the rest and recovery I hoped for. A day of running after baby, who only slept for 30 min – what do you expect? Husband did take her out for a bit and I got a break, which was enough to get some food and lie down in bed. As I settled in, I heard the lock and someone looking for “mema” ….

Anyhow. I am truly grateful that I’ve had 5 full days of intense, attentive baby time. I’ve loved the vast majority of it. I’ve had time to prepare food and to tackle mini projects around the house, working together with my girl. I want more of this.

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