Well. Another day, another post. Only 264 to go after today.
That’s still a pretty big number.

I had planned the afternoon off to write. However, I’ve been feeling behind on some of my case work and wanted to get out some replies by the weekend. I decided to work through the afternoon – and it was great. Well, good anyways :). I got some of my desk files cleaned out and organized which makes me feel better and makes it easier to manage workflow. I got through some of the papers in my “misc.” file on my desk – I’m not a fan of maintaining a file like that, but I just haven’t had time to get through the backlog. It’s articles to read, notes from last year, ideas for this year, etc. etc. It feels good to chip away at it.

I also got out the emails I wanted to for the cases; got some other things cleared up; and generally feel like I”m approaching getting on top of work.

The result: increased mental peace. Bonus.

I left by 4:30, also good, got baby home; we all had a nice dinner and fun playtime, and she’s down for sleep now after lots of wiggling.

Get the work done, relax and enjoy it (I took a bit of a break in the middle of the day to finish reading my book – fun!).

And, have pumped 3 oz for the past 2 days – that’s 50% more than usual. Not sure if it’s the glutathione-boosting NAC and bee pollen I’ve started taking; or more protein with lots of egg consumption; or what. But it’s great.

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