100 days of blogging. 100 days (so far) of peace. How’s it going?
I can’t believe what a strong habit this has become, and with minimal effort. Once I started, blogging had its own momentum. I simply know that I will blog once a day, and I do it. My husband helps remind me and make time for it, but that’s not the main reason it continues.

The degree to which I reflect on the blog through the day varies – sometimes I”m super-aware, other times it’s just the occasional flash coming through. It’s there, though, providing some perspective on the bright and challenging corners of my days.

The writing here sometimes flows, sometimes doesn’t; is occasionally lightly edited but generally not at all. Though I will not hold up any of these posts as specimens of eloquence, the process of crafting a blog post, selecting words and choosing what to include and what to leave out is the type of art my brain loves. I suspect that writing each day has primed my writing pump, giving me a flow that’s aiding in my other writing projects. An unexpected and delightful result of something that’s fun in and of itself.

A few people have let me know they’ve read things here, and that’s delightful. One friend has called and messaged several times to let me know she’s enjoying my daily journey: thank you ABT! And sincere appreciation to all of you. Though I’m not doing this for others, the chance to share ideas and connect in some way is a great type of outreach for a busy mom (that’s me, I suppose). Anyone who wishes to comment is welcome to do so, and many thanks to those who have already.

Today I took my first real lunch break since starting work. I left my desk, stretched out and relaxed. I ate and read. Then continued reading (this is the REAL part of the break). I kept reading and didn’t check my watch. I actually have no idea how long I read – it wasn’t ridiculously long, but it might have amounted to the full lunch hour I’m normally scheduled to have. And yes, if I’d had a shorter lunch hour I could have either worked more OR left earlier to be with baby. It wasn’t what I chose today – with work stress and life busyness, I seemed to need the luxury of uninterrupted reading time. I certainly felt rejuvenated by the end of my break. I may even do it again.

And on the other hand: I’m supposed to take another half-day tomorrow for working on my paper, but I may not feel able to leave my work to do that. With some reading and research I did today I feel closer to catching up on one project that needs my time, and I might choose to continue this work tomorrow afternoon. We shall see. Fortunately, tomorrow’s the end of the week so I have 3 days off to look forward to.

And thus ends 100 initial days of blogging! 265 more to go.

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