On Top or Not

Getting and having things done is very soothing to me. Learning to let go of things not done is very healthy for me. And figuring out which to focus on is the challenge.
Things I’m on top of (let’s add “usually”):

  • Laundry (aside from a pile-up of dry clothes a few days ago)
  • Dishes and bottles (thanks to my husband mainly)
  • Emptying the dishwasher and dish rack
  • Buying groceries
  • Paying bills
  • Returning library books
  • Making granola and bread

Things I’m not on top of:

  • Obligatory prayers
  • Brushing baby’s teeth
  • Wills for our family
  • Menu planning

So, I’m good at the little things. Details don’t slip through very often. And I often get to the big things too. But they’re more likely to get left to the side. And some of the important big things – intense focused time with baby (which you can debate a la The continuum Concept) – get a bit sidelined as I take care of the details.

When the little things get done I often do feel a lot of peace. If they’re undone, I don’t. But there is always a price to keeping busy. Other important work – writing, meditating, family time – can get lost. I believe in the principle of putting the important things first, but I also know that I can’t work in a messy environment.

These are things I know about myself. Acceptance is fine.

And now I need to do an important, vital thing: get OFF THE COMPUTER and go and watch a movie with my husband.

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