Pretty peaceful day

Today was a day off/writing day. Delightful!
Take-off in the morning took longer than usual, but we got off happy and calm. Delivered baby to mom: no problem.

Work on the paper went well! I cut it down to about 7500 words, including the reference list – I think that’s excluded from the word count, which means I’m on track. The revisions really do tighten up the writing and I was able to clarify some parts that were fuzzy. It’s still not everything I want, but it’s closer. I also had time to start reading through & adding a few more references to make sure I’ve covered most relevant materials, and while that can lead me down an endless trail of “just one more!”, I was better able to rein myself in today and recognize what was and wasn’t relevant.

I had to get to my parents’ by 4:30 as they had an appointment at 5. Baby was sleeping when I arrived, so I sat in the bedroom beside her, reading while she slept. After about 20 minutes she started wiggling, then wriggling, then her eyes started to open. I was there to watch her! She caught sight of me, and that was it: she was awake! Eyes opened, pushed herself up to crawling then sitting, smiling, ready for mama time.

We had some fun, funny nursing (there always seems to be something to laugh about when you’re nursing!), an awesome big pee, then serenely packed up, buckled up and drove home.

Once home, I took my time to play with her for a change instead of rushing around cleaning up and making dinner. We nursed more and played on the bed for a long time. Then eating (new favourite: corn. On the cob.). Then bed. She’s a super-wriggler when falling asleep: sit up, rub eyes, lunge for mom, arch back and roll off mom, side, side, tummy, RIP MAMA”S HAIR, pause … REPEAT! However, she finally wriggled the wrigglies out and fell asleep in sweetness.

And now it’s before 9, lunches are almost packed, blog almost done, can go to bed soon.

Pretty good.

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