Elimination Update

Alya & I continue our learning adventure around bathroom fun. And fun it sometimes is, until my anxiety gets in the way! We have some days that are winners: 8+ pees caught, sometimes a dry diaper for several hours in a row. Victory! And yesterday we caught not only many pees but her end-of-day poo. Ahh, the joy! I still can’t get M excited at examining the toilet’s contents after the fact, but I can still enjoy it on my own. Maybe I should post a picture here!
I may be mellowing enough to just enjoy the process, much of the time. Of course, those mornings where I miss 3 in a row instead of catching them strain my enthusiasm. And when she wets her diaper just after the potty, yes, I am occasionally frustrated. And when I catch on to her poop signals (frantic nursing and/or extreme silence, calm and a glassy stare) just after she’s gone, well, I’m not always the calmest. And sometimes, after 4 or 5 trips to the potty in a row, I just plain old get tired of undressing and re-dressing her (pants, socks, onesie, diaper + diaper cover. Off and then on again.) I’ve been glad to find, though, that I can get myself to say, “oh well, we’ll keep trying” and to let it go, rather than punish myself for imperfection. After all: she’s only 4.5 months old!! And she gets several pees every day, minimum, into the toilet! And we’re starting to really work the cueing (“Psss”). And at some point, it will all click in.

My main concern now is if it’s a good process for her. I assume not being in wet diapers feels good. And she seems generally to be happy while on the potty. Sometimes, though, not so much. And sometimes she wakes up crying, and I’d really like to potty her right away, but the crying takes priority and we nurse instead. And I am good with that too. After all, this is about attending to her needs, and if she’s crying and wants mom and nursing, then that’s the caretaking priority.

Today we were out at a parents’ group in the morning for a few hours. And though she did wet her diaper in between changes, she ALSO went in the toilet each time I took her, on cue! I call that an unconditional victory.

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