Adorable things Alya does.
When she’s hungry, as she’s reaching for the nipple, she says “Leh” or “Heh-leh” – it’s her “word” for milk, hungry, etc.!

The way she comes off the breast sometimes when she’s feeding but not super-hungry, and just stares at me, big dark eyes, no blinking, just staring. And after a few minutes, smiles, opens up and re-latches.

How she wakes up on occasion: wiggle, wriggle, squirm, stretch …. pause … and BING, big dark round eyes pop open and stare at you, wide-awake. Then a smile 🙂

The way she screams when she plays with crinkly toys. crinkle, crinkle … “YEEEAH!!!” – crinkle, crinkle.

Her delight at pushing her body around on a smooth surface. I provide contact with her feet, and she pushes and glides!

How she laughs when you swing her, dance her, lift her or jiggle her.

Her sweet serious talking voice. She will babble on and on when she’s happy, her little lips pursing, big words coming out.

The way her arms and legs bounce up and down in sync when she’s lying on her back and very excited about life.

Pretty much everything else, too.

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