Feeding Baby

I’ve just read Feeding your baby the healthiest foods by Louise Lambert-Lagace. I didn’t love it – though I’m sure she does present the latest research, her tone and overall recommendations are pretty traditional (start with grains, breast milk not needed past one year and weaning is good, start with purees, nothing on donated milk, etc.). Nothing on baby-lead weaning (which my sister just told me about – i’m looking forward to reading more). However, I did pick up a few useful bits of information, choosing what I find useful based on a mother’s prerogative:
-start solids after 4 months when the baby shows interest. Since Alya isn’t exclusively breast fed, we could reasonably start soon. Also: starting too early means the digestive system isn’t fully developed = digestion and other problems.

-Babies need iron and other nutrients – that’s the main reason to add solids after about 6 months as breast milk doesn’t have all the nutrients/calories they need. And I’m sure there are natural health advocates who will tell me otherwise, and I’d love to hear about it.

-First major food need is iron. That’s why people often start with iron-fortified cereals. I’ve also heard that cereals are hard to digest and don’t plan to start with them – but if I do, I might try quinoa as it’s iron-rich so far as I know.

-American Acad. of Ped. recommends switching to cup use by 9 months – 12 months.

-always offer solids after milk – this will also keep my supply up. Also start by offering in the middle of the day so they won’t reduce demand for milk.

-Foods to avoid: small fruit with seeds (e.g., berries), citrus before 12 months, anything chunky/choky, honey & corn syrup. Beet, spinach & turnip only after 9 months b/c of nitrate content.

That’s enough for now!

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