Little Things

This morning, baby really wanted to nurse and really didn’t want to wear a diaper. Result: much sitting around, two big floor puddles, and late departure for work.
I had a meeting that went long today and I found I was a bit late for yoga class. I almost didn’t go. I was sorely tempted. But then I remembered 1) need to strengthen my bones for a long, healthy life with my daughter, and 2) I’ve paid for a semester pass and I want to get the most from it. I went, I kind of enjoyed myself, I definitely got a work out, and I’m glad I did.

Coming up soon: one week off! Because it’s around my birthday and my week was looking broken up anyways, I’m taking off the week of May 21. Can’t wait!! I feel like baby needs some mama time. I could use a break. I just hope/plan to get a lot done and catch up on things before I leave so I can relax guilt-free. There is so much to do at work. It was brought home to me again today. I don’t know when or how to do it all. Blah.

The course I”m teaching. I can’t wait to be done. Really! I have to mark papers this week. Really?! I think that will have to wait until the weekend. I have found that, yet again, I don’t enjoy it. There are about 16 students in the course, lots more than promised, so there are many, many emails and postings each day. I cannot wait to be finished!!

Had a nice evening. Husband’s brother needed a babysitter, so we brought our dinner over there and hung out with the kids for a couple hours. Baby had an awesome time playing with her big cousins and using the small slide set outside. She could climb up and slide down all by herself – exciting for her, a bit of a relief for her parents! Then kicking the ball, watching and playing with the kids … awesome fun.

Now home, tired, no lunch packed for tomorrow, not doing anything on the course … but going to bed.

Weekend Update with

Aaah, Sunday night, you came too soon. Nonetheless, it was a good weekend.

Family: I felt very close with my family all weekend. Time relaxing, talking and working with my husband. Games and talking with baby, plus diaper-free time (requires a much higher level of attention and interaction). I’m really fortunate to have these people in my life!

Food: we’re transitioning to gluten-free (or thereabouts) so are talking about and experimenting slowly with food. We had gluten-free pancakes this morning and all enjoyed them! Used this recipe, a bit less salt, no almond extract (we upped the vanilla), added bananas and blueberries. I made the almond flour by grinding almonds in our little electric grinder. Awesome!

Friends: Not enough friend time. But, had a drop-in visit with a friend which was lovely, plus got us talking and thinking more about nutrition and health and what we want to do next.

Work: We both made good progress on all sorts of little projects. I made my list and got quite a few things checked off. Much of that is thanks to HUSBAND, who cleaned my car, gassed up, took it in for oil/fluids top-ups and tire pressure fixing, and started to fix the one wonky windshield sprayer. Sweet!!! Thank you!!! Just a bit more post-winter detailing to do, plus swap out winter for summer tires. I can do much of this myself, but find that with baby, I really can’t. I’m so grateful to have a husband who takes on things like this with joy!

Cleaning/purging: it’s happening. We’ve got STUFF going out of our house! More still to tackle, but we’re noticing changes.

Teaching: I got my first emails from students as we start this first official week of the online course. I spent some time today picking a few articles to read (yes, I am so behind in doing this. But I’m doing my best). And you know what? I love teaching. I love designing courses. I just wish I had the time to do it justice, and/or it was my paid job. I plan to enjoy this as much as I can and hope it is a good experience for the students.

Clothes: picked out 4 funner-than-usual outfits for the week. Looking forward to that! And to starting skirts. I did get some leggings, but they’re navy (yeah – just couldn’t find a style I liked in black). We’ll see how that goes, though I know they don’t work with this one skirt I imagined.

Naps: two. Yes!!

Facebook: have not yet kicked the habit. People, would you please stop posting such great photos and such interesting articles?

Baby adorability: wow. I love her more all the time! Her new words (pull; hi/bye; can’t remember more, but they are MANY); her newfound love of tea, and of drinking from my water bottle; how clear her ideas are about what she likes and doesn’t, what she will and will not do. It’s a joy, I tell you, even while it can be exhausting and occasionally incredibly frustrating. As they say: it is all worth it.

And now: it’s late. Wishing you all a good week!

4-day weekends are way too short

I really can’t believe it’s Sunday night. Really!!! How do 4 days speed by so quickly?
Things I didn’t do this weekend: writing (aside from blogging); work on the course I’m teaching THAT STARTED LAST WEEK; visit with friends; do a play date for baby; clean the house; get a lot of exercise; meal plan for the week.

Things I did do this weekend: mess up the house further by sitting down and really playing with my girl, showing her mama’s box of treasures, building a fort and houses for her toys.

A family walk in a great local park.

Gardening. Not enough, but some.

Playing in the yard with my girl.

Talking on the phone with friends.

Coordinated with someone to come pick up our free firewood.

Changed the sheets, picked my outfit for the week, ran a bunch of laundry through the machine (and the dryer too. Just because).

Finally installed my girl’s seat for eating at the table, and used it successfully.

Baked 2 loaves of Jewish Milk & Honey loaf – one for a friend with, I believe, a BRAND NEW BABY!!! Slightly overbaked as I was looking after my girl at the time and just could not coordinate nap and baking times. But: still yummy.

Culled a few more things to chuck.

Took a half-hour nap today. Not enough but better than nothing.

Read Twilight. Yeah, that book. A bit entertaining (Pacific Northwest, myths, exciting adventures), a bit annoying (on and on and on about how good-looking the vampires are. we get it), a bit disturbing (the whole romantic ideal as portrayed in that book seems highly dysfunctional. Are people actually believing that this relationship is something to aspire towards???).

Also fell down our front stairs while pushing my daughter’s stroller down. Well, just the bottom stair. She’s fine. I’m a bit sore.

Now, gearing up for a new week. Cleaning off my desk, planning to work on the course during breaktime at work (realistically, that’s my only option since I simply don’t get it done at home), glad I had so much time with my family over the break.

Potty Humour

This afternoon I looked over at a baby with a poop face. We dashed to the bathroom and almost made it! Almost = a big hunk of poo fell to the floor mat as I lifted her onto the potty. Awesome! At least it was a lump and not a stream. I cleaned her up, sent her on her way, and sighed in acceptance of the fact that potty training is probably far, far in the future.
20 minutes later, I’m intensely occupied with pulling black sludge out of our bathroom sink drain. Baby comes in to play. She takes her toilet seat off the hook. She puts it on the floor, then fusses at me until I lift the toilet seat and eventually help her get it into the right position. Then she whines a bit more and I realize she wants to sit on the seat. So I lift her up and sit her on the seat … in her diaper. That should make her happy!

She fusses more. I decide to risk it and take off her diaper, hoping she’ll let me. Put her back on the seat. A few seconds later: she pees. And that’s when I finally clue in!! Smartie-cakes has been doing everything in her power to get herself onto the potty to go pee (dry diaper and all!) and I simply haven’t clued in.

Today was a bit long. Up toooo late last night, with baby’s late bedtime and frequent waking. No nap today – though I did get a massage, so no complaints. Lots and lots of intense play and walking wtih baby, who slept for maybe half an hour. She went to sleep on the breast at 5 something, and has been sleeping ever since (minus her 4 wakings so far). Feels like another long night to come.

And tonight I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed with work. There is so much that I want and need to do, and I simply don’t know where it will fit in. And then there’s that course I’m teaching coming up. I read things like this and know that I’m doing it for a reason. It still means a lot of work and time for me.

On that grumpy note, I’m off to bed.