4-day weekends are way too short

I really can’t believe it’s Sunday night. Really!!! How do 4 days speed by so quickly?
Things I didn’t do this weekend: writing (aside from blogging); work on the course I’m teaching THAT STARTED LAST WEEK; visit with friends; do a play date for baby; clean the house; get a lot of exercise; meal plan for the week.

Things I did do this weekend: mess up the house further by sitting down and really playing with my girl, showing her mama’s box of treasures, building a fort and houses for her toys.

A family walk in a great local park.

Gardening. Not enough, but some.

Playing in the yard with my girl.

Talking on the phone with friends.

Coordinated with someone to come pick up our free firewood.

Changed the sheets, picked my outfit for the week, ran a bunch of laundry through the machine (and the dryer too. Just because).

Finally installed my girl’s seat for eating at the table, and used it successfully.

Baked 2 loaves of Jewish Milk & Honey loaf – one for a friend with, I believe, a BRAND NEW BABY!!! Slightly overbaked as I was looking after my girl at the time and just could not coordinate nap and baking times. But: still yummy.

Culled a few more things to chuck.

Took a half-hour nap today. Not enough but better than nothing.

Read Twilight. Yeah, that book. A bit entertaining (Pacific Northwest, myths, exciting adventures), a bit annoying (on and on and on about how good-looking the vampires are. we get it), a bit disturbing (the whole romantic ideal as portrayed in that book seems highly dysfunctional. Are people actually believing that this relationship is something to aspire towards???).

Also fell down our front stairs while pushing my daughter’s stroller down. Well, just the bottom stair. She’s fine. I’m a bit sore.

Now, gearing up for a new week. Cleaning off my desk, planning to work on the course during breaktime at work (realistically, that’s my only option since I simply don’t get it done at home), glad I had so much time with my family over the break.

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