Potty Humour

This afternoon I looked over at a baby with a poop face. We dashed to the bathroom and almost made it! Almost = a big hunk of poo fell to the floor mat as I lifted her onto the potty. Awesome! At least it was a lump and not a stream. I cleaned her up, sent her on her way, and sighed in acceptance of the fact that potty training is probably far, far in the future.
20 minutes later, I’m intensely occupied with pulling black sludge out of our bathroom sink drain. Baby comes in to play. She takes her toilet seat off the hook. She puts it on the floor, then fusses at me until I lift the toilet seat and eventually help her get it into the right position. Then she whines a bit more and I realize she wants to sit on the seat. So I lift her up and sit her on the seat … in her diaper. That should make her happy!

She fusses more. I decide to risk it and take off her diaper, hoping she’ll let me. Put her back on the seat. A few seconds later: she pees. And that’s when I finally clue in!! Smartie-cakes has been doing everything in her power to get herself onto the potty to go pee (dry diaper and all!) and I simply haven’t clued in.

Today was a bit long. Up toooo late last night, with baby’s late bedtime and frequent waking. No nap today – though I did get a massage, so no complaints. Lots and lots of intense play and walking wtih baby, who slept for maybe half an hour. She went to sleep on the breast at 5 something, and has been sleeping ever since (minus her 4 wakings so far). Feels like another long night to come.

And tonight I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed with work. There is so much that I want and need to do, and I simply don’t know where it will fit in. And then there’s that course I’m teaching coming up. I read things like this and know that I’m doing it for a reason. It still means a lot of work and time for me.

On that grumpy note, I’m off to bed.

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