Weekend Update with

Aaah, Sunday night, you came too soon. Nonetheless, it was a good weekend.

Family: I felt very close with my family all weekend. Time relaxing, talking and working with my husband. Games and talking with baby, plus diaper-free time (requires a much higher level of attention and interaction). I’m really fortunate to have these people in my life!

Food: we’re transitioning to gluten-free (or thereabouts) so are talking about and experimenting slowly with food. We had gluten-free pancakes this morning and all enjoyed them! Used this recipe, a bit less salt, no almond extract (we upped the vanilla), added bananas and blueberries. I made the almond flour by grinding almonds in our little electric grinder. Awesome!

Friends: Not enough friend time. But, had a drop-in visit with a friend which was lovely, plus got us talking and thinking more about nutrition and health and what we want to do next.

Work: We both made good progress on all sorts of little projects. I made my list and got quite a few things checked off. Much of that is thanks to HUSBAND, who cleaned my car, gassed up, took it in for oil/fluids top-ups and tire pressure fixing, and started to fix the one wonky windshield sprayer. Sweet!!! Thank you!!! Just a bit more post-winter detailing to do, plus swap out winter for summer tires. I can do much of this myself, but find that with baby, I really can’t. I’m so grateful to have a husband who takes on things like this with joy!

Cleaning/purging: it’s happening. We’ve got STUFF going out of our house! More still to tackle, but we’re noticing changes.

Teaching: I got my first emails from students as we start this first official week of the online course. I spent some time today picking a few articles to read (yes, I am so behind in doing this. But I’m doing my best). And you know what? I love teaching. I love designing courses. I just wish I had the time to do it justice, and/or it was my paid job. I plan to enjoy this as much as I can and hope it is a good experience for the students.

Clothes: picked out 4 funner-than-usual outfits for the week. Looking forward to that! And to starting skirts. I did get some leggings, but they’re navy (yeah – just couldn’t find a style I liked in black). We’ll see how that goes, though I know they don’t work with this one skirt I imagined.

Naps: two. Yes!!

Facebook: have not yet kicked the habit. People, would you please stop posting such great photos and such interesting articles?

Baby adorability: wow. I love her more all the time! Her new words (pull; hi/bye; can’t remember more, but they are MANY); her newfound love of tea, and of drinking from my water bottle; how clear her ideas are about what she likes and doesn’t, what she will and will not do. It’s a joy, I tell you, even while it can be exhausting and occasionally incredibly frustrating. As they say: it is all worth it.

And now: it’s late. Wishing you all a good week!

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