Say no to clutter

Getting rid of things in the house has been going well. The trick to keeping it that way is to stop other things from coming in. That was today’s test.
As I get rid of things I see items we own that are old, worn-out, ugly. Though I don’t feel that I want a lot of things, I do want to love what I have. The temptation is strong to buy nicer newer things right now to replace what we have.

Problems with this:

  1. That cycle will never end.
  2. I don’t always get rid of the old when I get the new.
  3. Another priority is saving money, and buying nice new things does not help with that.

Today I was out running errands and ended up in Winners to pick up something. Okay, a requested treat for my husband. And maybe, just maybe, I wanted to take a quick look at their clothes and see if there was something I could wear for an upcoming event. And since I was there, I checked out the linens for another king-size sheets set. And found a gorgeous set of green pillow cases. I’ve just dumped a few of ours, so I thought new ones made sense. Possibly, some time after this, I checked out their kitchen supplies and found a rectangular glass storage container that had a RED TAG and would work for sandwiches. And hey, that’s on our shopping list! And possibly I spent around $20 on impulse purchases.

Back home I thought them through. I checked with my husband on the advisability of the purchases. He of course didn’t tell me what to do. But we talked through needing more pillow cases (no, we both agreed) and he mentioned something about the characteristics of the tupperware (a similar model he bought recently has a part that comes out, water gets in, possible mold source). So tomorrow, back they go.

Stop clutter at the source! Just Say No!

By the way, baby slept through again last night – 9:15 – 5. Then off and on until almost 8. But regardless, I am still exhausted tonight.

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