Into Order

Our attempts to create more order in our home are moving ahead. We’re tackling different corners of our home together, purging as much as we can, and organizing what’s left.
A few nights ago we tackled the tea/food storage shelves in the kitchen. Gone: two teapots, two tea balls, some tea, lots of vitamins, one basket holding those vitamins. And other stuff.

Today/tonight it was the storage closet in the office. Gone: box for my laptop, pile of paper & old file folders, assorted notebooks, pens, stationery, a book or two, and other stuff. Repurposed: photo album, now to be used for recipes (once those are sorted). Other things (it’s late. I’m tired. But I”m here and I’m blogging!).

I’m quite excited to tackle some other areas (front entrance; laundry room; pantry; my section of the office). Tackling it together generally helps. Until we enable each other and end up ┬ákeeping more than we want! Overall, though, we’ve got the goal of downsizing in mind and are trying to be realistic about what we will use. If we have a stockpile of things (envelopes, anyone? Random little labelly stickers? Extra notebooks?) but we think we will use them (envelopes will get used up … in a few years. Baby will love the stickers. And some of the notebooks for drawing), we can keep them. But if it’s excessive (8 extra highlighters??? 5 or more blank journals when neither of us can remember the last time we used one?) we whittle.

Also tonight: paid a series of bills online.

This weekend: bake bread. Make lots of other food. Plan meals for the week. Make our wills (found a couple of online sites – will report back on this!). Get some exercise. Get a haircut (me for sure – tomorrow – hubby maybe). Dinner at the family’s!

And now, waaaaay too late: bedtime!

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