Natural habitat

Last night after staying late at work I realized that I have been feeling stressed, unwell, not great. I’m forgetting things (many, many things), having a hard time concentrating, and a lot more irritable than usual.
Once I realized this, I accepted it (yay, first step!) and then was informed by my husband once I told him about it that I needed to take care of myself this weekend.

For today, Friday, a day off, that meant not leaving the house until we went out for dinner (family dinner). I had great plans to grocery shop, and/or do errands downtown, and/or take baby for a walk. I kept planning to do these, but I let myself sleep in, enjoy time with baby, focus on playing with her, and not push things if she wasn’t quite ready to leave the house.

Fortunately, husband came home early and took her for playtime in the yard, or I would be feeling badly about her missing a day of outdoors time. I still kept busy, but I was at home.

Home, I also accept, is my natural habitat. Outdoors can be great but unless it’s warm (and especially if I have to bundle up a baby before leaving the house), I find it much easier and more fun to stay in. I have massive leaving-the-house inertia. In the past, I found it possible to stay indoors for days at a time. Admittedly, that’s mainly in winter, but still.

Also taking care of myself: going to bed now, 9:30. I would actually be in bed if I hadn’t remembered at the very last minute that I hadn’t blogged yet.

Good-night all. I wish you a good sleep!

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