Wow … consistency may work! The new tentative routine is dinner at 6, bath at 6:30, bedroom/stories/nurse at 7. We’ve had her asleep at 7:45, 8:10 and 9:00 tonight. Tonight, we just started late, didn’ get in until around 7. We discussed it and are going to work hard to keep to our plan, even … Read more

Endless Summer Nights

I used to love Richard Marx when I was in high school … so poetic, romantic, great melodies … aaah. Those endless summer nights he wrote about sounded so warm, romantic and dreamy, alone with a loved one, the evening stretching out for hours and hours …. Essentially, that’s exactly what I’m getting to enjoy … Read more

Bedtime insanity

Wow, 9:20 and crazy baby energy! It’s been a week of late nights. I blame summer. The late sunsets hype all of us up. I lose track of time (and in any case, get home so late on weeknights), that I don’t think of starting bed until 7, 8 or later. By then, baby has … Read more

More Crashing

This is becoming a habit: falling asleep with baby, waking up late to do things around the house. Husband crashed with us tonight too – our household was down for the count before 9 p.m. I woke up at 11:30; stepped back in to nurse baby back to sleep; and just finished checking email. I … Read more

Blessed sleep

Aaah … went to bed with daughter tonight (8:30 ish??). Up at 12-something when husband came to bed. I did a few things (morning prep – hanging laundry) and am heading back to bed. So lovely … 🙂 And tomorrow is the last day of work for the week – lots to do, then 3 … Read more

One more reason why I co-sleep

Last night baby woke up at 1-something to nurse. She wiggled and stretched, then latched on and stayed close. And then, rolled back over, wiggled her arms down by her sides, snuggled up under the covers and went back to sleep. Her next wake-up was at 4-something. She nursed again, on one side, then lay … Read more


Our home internet is down. That, combined with a very busy day at work and packing to head on a trip means that I MISSED A DAY!!! No uninterrupted full year of blogging. I’m okay with it. We’re in Vancouver at a work conference for me. I won’t travel without baby yet, so husband and … Read more

Memory loss

I have no recollection of what I planned to write about tonight. Baby’s bedtime took from 6 something until after 10. She actually went to sleep without a problem at 7, but woke up 15 minutes later. With lots of crying, we got out of bed instead of staying there. Videos on the computer finally … Read more

Peace in the Here and Now

Baby’s favourite words right now are the names of the people she loves. Especially during quiet moments – lying in bed, nursing – she’ll start listing off the members of her family: “Ai’ya. Mama. Dada.” Repeat, repeat, repeat. She’ll often point to where we sleep in the bed, mama on one side, dada on the … Read more