Dreaming of baby

Last night my belly was kind of hurting – I think I’ve started to have Braxton-Hicks contractions, with my abdomen occasionally insanely heavy, out of breath, tight and sore. So maybe it was that, or worry, or just baby talking to me, but I went back to sleep to a dream of baby.
In my dream, baby was born early. S/he had a long neck and small body. And I was still pregnant. So we were trying to take care of baby, and there were lots of people around. We were trying to figure out how to get baby to the doctor – we had a body wrap, and were getting in the car without a car seat. When we finally get there, baby is kind of stiff, and I realize that with all the rush and all the people I haven’t had a chance to breastfeed my newborn. So I put baby up to my breast and he latches perfectly! I’m sitting comfortably, the milk is flowing and it feels wonderful and natural. Baby detaches for a moment, and the milk starts spurting everywhere. I even get some in my mouth and it tastes sweet. Then I coax baby back to the breast and we continue nursing.

We can’t wait until you’re here, baby! It will be so exciting to get to know you, you little wiggly squirmy stretchy wonderful baby!

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