14 Days

I can’t believe that there are only 14 days of work left before I go on mat leave!! For a while there it was still months in the future. Then magically time moved on, I planned some vacation days, I ended up scheduling the leave to start a week earlier than planned … wow, I can’t wait.
Work is going well, as I wrap up a series of webpage redesign projects, planning for fall, etc. I’m working with my replacement now and am passing over to him planning for fall events, along with the training we’re doing. I will have enough time to finish everything I need to, which is a good feeling.

And my body is definitely ready for the break. One restless leg, sore under the ribcage, and needing naps most days. Yes, being off work will be lovely! If baby comes reasonably within the due zone I should have about a month to do prep work and unwind. I’m planning lots of yoga at home, meditation and breathing, some writing, food prep and organizing baby things. Oh yay!

I’m imagining myself walking to the library, spending an hour or two leafing through Mothering magazines, then wandering home to make lunch … such lovely images :).

And in the meantime, work is fine, life is busy, and things are getting done.

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