Baby at night

Baby is so great! He’s the adorablest. I had another dream about baby – may have been partly a waking dream – where his foot started poking out the top of my stomach, then it was TOTALLY poking out, and I could see it clearly and it was rolling back and forth across the top of my belly. Love it!
And then last night was probably the most active I’ve ever seen or felt the cutie. In the middle of the night as I was dropping back off he nailed me with the biggest kick I’ve ever felt – WHAMMO on my left side. “Whoa!” it woke me right up – definitely on the border of painful. Yet completely adorable to have such a little kicker. Then he got into this “push on the bladder, push on the belly! Bladder again, then belly! Bum up! head down! Push and roll!” Wonderfully active, totally sweet, very bladder-stimulating. It will be amazing to see how these movements translate into the new little body once baby is here.

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