The Heartbreaking Beauty of Babies

The things babies say and do are so beautiful and pure that my heart cracks. Where do these lovely people come from?
Baby & I were trying to go down for a nap as she rolled around the bed and on top of me. After putting her head on my chest, I asked her if she heard my heart, and what it said. She crossed her hands over her chest and replied, “Love.”

In the same nap attempt, she started saying “Deem bout puppies.” I finally figured out she wanted to dream about puppies. “Kitties too!” she clarified. I narrated a series of dreams she could have about puppies (playing, petting, feeding, small and large puppies, etc.) and she kept asking for more.

Baby and her cousin together this weekend, constantly feeding each other. Blueberries going into the others’ mouths.

As I was feeding baby last night, I gave her a mouthful that was too hot and she spit it out. “Sorry my love!” I said. “Sorry my love!” she repeated. Melt.

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