Blessed Weekend

The weekend is here! The weekend is here! Oh, I could use a weekend.Life has felt crazy lately. Husband is renovating morning and night. Baby was sick and I was sick. Packing needs to happen, though it isn’t; renovations require my input and shopping skills. And school starts up in a couple of weeks and my list of work to do is long.

So, after a full week of work with some intense meetings, I am very very ready to take a break. To have three days with my daughter (blissful!). To sleep in mornings, at least as late as she’ll let me, and take my time getting going. Maybe read a bit … go for a walk or two … and beachtime. We also have relatives here (aunt & uncle leaving tomorrow; MIL coming tomorrow too; nephew staying with us to help with renos; and his mom & sister coming on the weekend.

Is there a point to this post? Maybe just this: after a week of bedtimes between 10 and 12, baby fell asleep on the drive home before 7, and is still sleeping now. I had a shower and cleaned the kitchen, talked on the phone with a friend, and will probably curl up now and read a bit. For fun. With my clean, clean body, tea and a muffin. And go to bed early b/c I don’t have to make lunches.

I think a sleeping baby and a clean kitchen should be enough reason to celebrate, and are a good omen for a good weekend. I hope you agree.

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