Sustainability, Sleep and Habits

Some quick reflections before bed, after some thinking and conversations with friends/family.
Sleep is essential to mental and physical health and enjoyment of life. I need to get to bed earlier – in general, I’m going to try to get into bed by 10 – so that I am rested, happy and productive.

This means maybe a bit more focus at work so I can claim a bit of my lunch break to do some of the things I do at night (blog, course work, etc.).

If I want my well-being to be sustainable, I need to be rested and balanced.

I’m a bit of an extremist. Is this good or bad? Useful sometimes, not others? I’m thinking about it.

I do know that sustainable personal thinking s not my strength. I tend to have the “push through, get it done and all will be great on teh other side” thinking. Organize the house once, it’s done, you’re organized and can relax and enjoy the rest of life. Reality is, virtually everything is a process AND a cycle: I will keep evolving, and the work will keep cycling through. So rushing to do it faster, in fact, may simply move the wheel at a more frantic pace. Slow down, breathe, consider what needs doing, enjoy the moment, and above all, prioritize the essentials above the important and nice. And by essentials, I mean breathing; meditating; bonding; being; baby time; family time; unitasking. By important/nice I mean a perfectly clean house, a completely completed to do list, completely home-made meals, and everything according to plan.

I don’t want to be rigid. I do feel that systematically creating healthy habits is the key to a sustainable lifestyle. I’d like to have habits of productivity, but also of health: stopping to breathe; taking time for connections; focusing on people. I wonder what those would look like in real time.

And now, it’s nearly 10 so I’m going to finish. Wishing you all a good night’s sleep, refreshing dreams, and a beautiful start to tomorrow.

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