Montessori Inspiration

In pursuit of a parenting and educational direction for our girl, I’ve just started reading “The Child in the Family” by Maria Montessori. I am the most engrossed I’ve been in years by a technical non-fiction book. Her ideas feel respectful and wise. Here’s one, regarding how we tend to interpret as misbehaviour childhood actions … Read more

Bedtime insanity

Wow, 9:20 and crazy baby energy! It’s been a week of late nights. I blame summer. The late sunsets hype all of us up. I lose track of time (and in any case, get home so late on weeknights), that I don’t think of starting bed until 7, 8 or later. By then, baby has … Read more

Sustainability, Sleep and Habits

Some quick reflections before bed, after some thinking and conversations with friends/family. Sleep is essential to mental and physical health and enjoyment of life. I need to get to bed earlier – in general, I’m going to try to get into bed by 10 – so that I am rested, happy and productive. This means … Read more

Late, Late, Late

Nearly midnight. Just getting ready for bed. Baby crashed on the way home and I didn’t want to wake her – she was so tired at the end of the day. When she did wake up at first she was upset, crying, didn’t want to do anything. Then she was laughing, happy, playful and naked. … Read more