The practical value of fun

Today we had fun. It was a conscious decision: yesterday was house-cleaning and grocery day, and we wanted at least one family day this weekend.
Fun today meant:

Pancake breakfast
Playing with baby
Family nap! And reading (finishing Bossypants)
Family bike ride! It was a bit cold so we stopped at the library and hung out for a few hours, watching baby run and reading magazines
Family dinner/nap for baby
Bedtime! Or, mom/baby shower, 3+ hours in the bedroom (I know I napped, I just don’t know how much), then blogging while husband watches YOuTubes about alternative building practices.

The practical value was supposed to be: baby goes to bed and we’re highly motivated to finish cleaning the house, bake, work on the computer … instead I’m highly motivated BUT also tired and a bit headachy. However, since I feel rejuvenated I suspect tomorrow may be a productive and happy day. Don’t quote me on that, though.

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