Good moments in a busy day

Baby waking up happy and smiley (no whines!) after a 12+ hour sleep. Aaah!
Taking the morning to clean house. Sheets, laundry, dishes, floors, bathroom, toys and more. The joys of a clean house … for me, it makes everything feel better.

Girlie having some awesome independent playtime. Yes, I appreciated the opportunity to get some cleaning done, but more, it is so beautiful to see her so focused on her work: moving cans back and forth, arranging her little animals, taking her clothes in and out of baskets, running back and forth between different parts of the house. She was having so much fun, doing her organizing thing … lovely.

A walk with mom and a friend, and lunch with friends from out of town.

A nap!

Baby falling asleep lying on top of me, nursing. I love it when she’s resting on me like that. I can stroke her hair and hold her close.

Surprise dessert from husband.

Tomorrow promises more fun: a Waldorf fair, outdoor time, and who knows what else?

The practical value of fun

Today we had fun. It was a conscious decision: yesterday was house-cleaning and grocery day, and we wanted at least one family day this weekend.
Fun today meant:

Pancake breakfast
Playing with baby
Family nap! And reading (finishing Bossypants)
Family bike ride! It was a bit cold so we stopped at the library and hung out for a few hours, watching baby run and reading magazines
Family dinner/nap for baby
Bedtime! Or, mom/baby shower, 3+ hours in the bedroom (I know I napped, I just don’t know how much), then blogging while husband watches YOuTubes about alternative building practices.

The practical value was supposed to be: baby goes to bed and we’re highly motivated to finish cleaning the house, bake, work on the computer … instead I’m highly motivated BUT also tired and a bit headachy. However, since I feel rejuvenated I suspect tomorrow may be a productive and happy day. Don’t quote me on that, though.